Instruments rental inquiries must be sent to Digital Realities by email or via
They must correspond to the estimate of the rental contract established by Digital Realities or correspond to the terms of
Orders must include all the details specified on the estimate made by Digital Realities and must be dated and signed by an authorized person. The validation and implementation of the rental agreement will be done by sending an email from Digital Realities to the customer with all the terms and conditions.
It is the customer’s responsibility to check whether the equipment and its accessories meet their needs.

Shipping and handling:
The equipment will be delivered to the location specified in the rental contract. The customer will bear the shipping cost which will be included in the estimate established by Digital Realities.
In the event that the equipment cannot be received due to a lack of precision on the delivery address or in the absence of the persons authorized to take charge of the rental, the return transport costs will be borne by the customer.

The customer is responsible for the risks of deterioration or loss inherent during shipping and returns shipping of the equipment he will have to bear all the costs of repairing or replacing the equipment concerned. The customer must check upon receipt of the equipment, whether it conforms to the order and whether it works correctly.

Signing the delivery slip with the delivery person validates receipt of the equipment.
No complaint related to the deterioration of the equipment or to its non-conformity with the purchase order will be accepted after the signature of this delivery note.
In this case, the customer must mention concerns on the delivery note and refuse to take charge from the carrier. The customer also undertakes to inform Digital Realities without delay, specifying in writing all the terms of concerns or refusal of delivery.
Any subsequent complaint or claim not respecting these conditions would be unenforceable against Digital Realities.


The rental price is quoted by Digital Realities or displayed on
Invoicing will correspond to the date specified on the established estimate, in the event of an extension of the rental, invoicing will be carried out according to the daily, weekly, or monthly rate in effect on the date of the extension.
In case of this extension of the rental, invoicing will stop the day before the day of the return of the equipment.
In the event of an incomplete return of the equipment, the missing items from the list specified on the estimate will be invoiced at the new price according to the current rate.

Payment is made when ordering by bank transfer, PayPal, or credit card. See the modalities on the

In the event of an extension of the rental period initially planned, the customer must inform Digital Realities and pay for this extension period.


We will require a security deposit which will vary depending on the equipment rented, the amount of this deposit will be specified by Digital Realities. The sum of the security deposit will be returned to the customer when the equipment is returned, after checking that the equipment and all accessories are in good working condition.


The rented equipment is the entire and exclusive property of Digital Realities.
The loan, subletting or any transfer of rights from which the lessee benefits under the rental contract with Digital Realities are strictly prohibited.
It is forbidden to take the material outside the borders of France.


Equipment maintenance is provided by Digital Realities who will perform a “check and adjust” to ensure that the equipment is in good working condition.
In the case of a rental via a provider of, maintenance and support will be the responsibility of the provider.
It is the customer’s responsibility to keep the equipment in good working condition and in good working order for the duration of the rental until it is returned.
In the event of any operational incident, Digital Realities must be immediately notified to take the necessary measures.


The lessee is responsible and has legal custody of the equipment he rents, from the point of departure of the rental until the equipment is returned to the lessor. He is responsible for any bodily injury or material damage, caused directly or indirectly, either to himself or to third parties by the rented equipment or during its use, even if the damage is due to a construction defect or to an assembly fault.


For the entire duration of the rental and until the return of the equipment, the lessee must contract and maintain insurance covering the risks of disappearance and deterioration of the equipment (including theft and fire) at the replacement value as new equipment.
Orders placed must be accompanied by proof of insurance subscription (policy number) and payment of the corresponding proof.
As such, the lessee will be required to insure himself against the consequences of his liability so that his Insurance Company waives any recourse against Digital Realities.
In the event of deterioration or in the event of the disappearance of all or part of the equipment, the customer is responsible for repairing or replacing the equipment.
The claim must be made supported with proof to Digital Realities within 48 hours, accompanied by a police report in the event of theft.
The repair will be carried out by Digital Realities and invoiced at the Digital Realities after-sales service rate. In the event of disappearance, the equipment will be replaced by the customer with Digital Realities at the manufacturer’s rate in force on the date of disappearance.


The Courts at our headquarters have sole jurisdiction to rule on any disputes that may arise regarding rentals and their consequences, even in the event of a referral case, warranty appeal, or multiple proceedings or parties.